Application process – For employers

طريقة التقديم – لاصحاب الاعمال

FAQ – Employers

الأسئلة الشائعة – أصحاب الاعمال

You can take as many as you want but he number of apprentices is constrained by the number of mentors you will register. Each mentor will be able to have 5 apprentices maximum. If the company wants full group of 16 apprentices, there should be 4 mentors to take care of the monitoring and guidance and to ensure covering the assessment criteria

There will be no charges to register as an apprenticeship employer, the only obligation is to provide mentors from the senior staff and wage to the apprentices.  

The wages are supported by Tamkeen 50% for the full program duration of 3 years. The selected applicant will be registered under the SIO as an apprentice with minimum wage of 300BD as per the Polytechnic standards.

There is no obligation for the employer to recruit the apprentices after the completion of the program and the apprentices will not be forced to continue unless it is agreed in the contract. Thus, after the completion of the program, the graduates could be offered to work in the same company as full employment, or receive offers from other companies, or pursue their higher education or open their own business.

There will be a contract between the apprentices, Polytechnic and employer to arrange the rules and regulations. If in case fail, there will be a chance to repeat under their expense but if performance continued dropping, they will be dismissed from the program.

This program is led by industry, so the employer will have a big role in the selection process. Polytechnic will provide selection guidelines and give access to a wide range of applicants to select the right candidate. Also Polytechnic can advice and support in the final interview if necessary.

The apprentice will sign a contract with the sponsored employer to complete the program and to be committed to the signed terms and conditions.

To enroll for the program, the existing staff should not exceed 3 years from the employment within the company. The employer can apply through Tamkeen portal for the wage support after registering the apprentice and complete admission to polytechnic. The employer will not be Allowed to Transfer from tamkeen support wages system

The selection of applicants is fully controlled by the employers with following the polytechnic selection criteria and guideline only. MoL & Polytechnic can supply potential candidates only and support in the final selection.   

The program is a Diploma level 6 Bahrain NQF and Polytechnic will be the main awarding body of the qualification and supported by external awarding body and validation.

The apprentice will be registered at SIO as apprentice with the minimum wage and counted in the Bahrainization of the company.

The employer and apprentice will sign an apprenticeship contract that is comply with the labour law 2012 and the ministerial order 2014 about the apprenticeship.

Companied can send any apprenticeship trades requirement to Polytechnic at