1.Register in the Polytechnic and MoL portal

2.Receive confirmation that the company has been registered

3.Create vacancies

The number of apprentices is constrained by the number of mentors you will register. Each mentor will be able to have 4 apprentices maximum under him. If the company wants full group of 16 apprentices, there should be 4 mentors to take care of the monitoring and guidance and to ensure covering the criteria

There will be no charges to register as an apprenticeship employer, the only obligation is to provide mentors from the senior staff and wage support to the apprentices.  

The wages are supported by the government under different scheme. If the apprentice will not be registered under the SIO for apprentices, then MoL can cover the subsidy of 150BD and minimum 100BD by the company. If the apprentices will be insured and registered in the SIO, then the wage support scheme of Tamkeen can apply (70%,%50%,30%) and minimum wage to be 200BD)

There is no condition for the employer to recruit the apprentices after the completion of the program and the apprentices will not be forced to continue. Thus, after the completion if the program, the apprentices could be offered by the same company to work with them, or receive offers from other companies, or  pursue their higher education or open their own business.

There will be a contract between the apprentices, Polytechnic and employer to arrange the rules and regulations. If the apprentice doesn’t want to continue without a genuine reason, he/she will be asked to refund the fees and dropped from the unemployment list for subsidy. If in case fail, there will be chance to repeat but if performance continued dropping, they will be dismissed from the course.

This program is led by industry, so the employer will have a big role in the selection process. Polytechnic will do the placement tests and interview and then the shortlisted will be eligible to register for the vacancies that were created by the employer. Then employer to interview and select based on all findings.